Sunday, May 12, 2013

Metal Clay Work

Hmmm ... trying to extend my range of techniques, I put some metal clay in my HA and A&K molds ....

This is the packet of metal clay. It's on the expensive side, compared to plaster.

The clay forms like putty or ... clay .. I formed it into the molds without too much trouble.

Some tools are handy. Let it sit in the mold until dry, so it is easy to remove without ruining the shape.

It can be finished in the dry form. Then fire it, with a hand torch or in a kiln.

The polishing steps take quite a bit of time. The surface is oxidized, so some power tool polishing plays well.

Srcaping and polishing ...

Nice shiny bits.

The copper and bronze pieces will fit in ... somewhere ... in my future works.

A salute here to Abaroth's nice work with these images.