Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Work on the Circus Maximus

Here are some more photos with progress on my Circus model.

At this point I'm about halfway done the build, and I've got the feeling everything will work out. The tricky part will be the curving section at the one end, where I want to have the stadium seating curving around the round end of the track. We'll find out if my scheme works later on ...

For now, pics of the straight portion:

Archways along the outside wall.

Archways look like this under the seating ... this part will be covered over.

View of outside wall with arches.

Building the seating:

Overview of the fancy end of the track ... in planning.

Pillar with statue lion for decoration (dry stack).

Overview of track:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Resming Work on the Circus Maximus ...

Here's the up to date overview for the Circus Maximus:

Work has been a bit slow since I moved, but the new place has a more generous area for my hobby work and I'm back to work on this project.

I'm putting a double wall along the outside edge, and I should be able to set it up with some nice Roman-style arches along the decorative side.

Closeup detail shows the small brick tiles in use for floor panels inside the double wall. That's a detail should be visible through the decorative arches.