Friday, February 26, 2010

Closed Weekend 27-28 February.

I regret I will have my space closed through the weekend of 27/28 February.

I've been called in for my day job.

Boardgame Colosseum will be open regular hours again next week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Double-blind Wargames

Wargames fans who want to get a more challenging game experience should try double-blind wargame setups.

The two players (or teams) are separated by a screen, with identical map-boards or terrain set up on either side.

The game referee sits to view playing pieces on both sides of the screen. Players must maneuver to gain information about the opponent through scouting and reconnaissance. This introduces a more powerful simulation experience for tactical wargames, and also adds suspense to strategic games.

These views depict the series of terrain tiles I've made for use with SPI "Patrol" or Avalon Hill "Squad Leader". On the far side of the screen is an identical map, with matching trees and buildings.

The micro-armour tanks and vehicles fit to the scale of the buildings at 1:300. This is true scale for the terrain model, which makes finding line of sight and understanding relative positions straightforward.

In this scenario, tank destroyers have spotted a column of enemy vehicles:

The terrain tile system produces elevations by stacking the tiles. Each elevation created this way represents a 3m contour, significant in tactical battle scenarios. The lower angle views show how a player can use this feature to understand the shape of the ground.

Ask if you're curious about this style of game.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boardgame Colosseum is alive ...

I've got the tables set up, the cabinets overflowing with games ...

Hope to see you there ...

Open weekends from noon.

Admission $7 Saturday, $5 Sunday.

See posts below for details.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Colosseum Workshop

I had the great pleasure of receiving my package of Hirst Arts Castlemolds in the mail.

Check out Bruce's website over here: Hirst Arts

I've got Hydrostone, tools, and the molds all ready. That means I have the Colosseum Workshop open alongside the boardgames.

Admission for the Colosseum Workshop is $25 for the day, available weekends only from noon.

This will give you access to more than 30 Hirst Arts molds, and the tools and Hydrostone material for making your own blocks. You'll be allowed to use as many as six molds at once. I have an electric dehydrator available to help dry the cast blocks, and suitable glue for assembling your blocks.

Any projects you build at the workshop are yours.

While I've long wanted to use these building tools myself (I have several projects planned), I'm eager to share them with my guests. If you've been interested in trying out this terrain building system, this is an opportunity for you to use the molds yourself. I'm happy to help beginners learn how to mix and pour the plaster, use the molds and create simple projects.

You can build the basic projects from the plans associated with the molds, or invent your own use for these versatile shapes. It's suitable for historical dioramas, underground tunnels for role-playing games and many other game or model concepts.

Here's the complete list of the molds I have available:

40 Basic Block Mold
41 Gothic Dungeon Accessories
42 Gothic Arena Accessories
43 Gothic Panel Accessories
44 Gothic Additional Accessories
45 Gothic Dungeon Builder
50 Wizard's Tower Mold
52 4" Circular Tower Mold
55 Bell Tower Mold
54 Gothic Church Mold
56 Tomb Mold
60 Prison Tower Mold
62 Roman Temple Mold
63 Octagon Tower Mold
64 8" Round Tower Mold
65 Ruined Tower Mold
70 Fieldstone Wall Mold
701 Fieldstone Basic Block Mold
71 Fieldstone Accessory Mold
72 4" Circular Fieldstone Mold
73 6" Circular Fieldstone Mold
78 8" Fieldstone Tower Mold
77 Fieldstone Octagon Mold
75 Ruined Fieldstone Mold
80 Dragon's Teeth Accessory Mold
85 Cavern Accessory Mold
164 Round Connector Pieces
201 Floor Tiles Various Sizes
202 Smooth Floor Tiles
203 Cracked Floor Tiles
205 Gothic Floor Tiles
260 Flagstone Floor Tile Mold
281 Cavern Floor Mold
282 Cavern Floor Accessories

My thanks to Bruce Hirst for allowing me to make his products accessible to you in this way.

Shoot me an email at games@crossfitcolosseum for more information.