Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feature Game for Saturday, April 3rd

Guests at the Boardgame Colosseum on Saturday, April 3rd will be invited to the premier playing of my new 3D Junta gameboard.

Check out the pics below, and visit BGG Junta page to find images of my new card set.

We'll be using the new card set, mapboard and miniatures for the game.

Let's find out who can stash the most munnie in the bank by the end of play ... dodging assassins and wandering army brigades along the way.

Doors open at noon as usual. Expect game start around 1pm.

Project Complete: 3D Mapboard for Junta

I'm feeling good about this one. From conception to completion took about two years, and that's not a bad pace considering my work habits with these hobby projects.

Read up about Junta here: BGG page.

I made up the cutout buildings using Visio, printed in colour on card stock, cut, folded, pasted and then assembled on to the map. I'm not sure I can count the man-hours, but it didn't hurt too much when I saw the project coming together.

Here are a couple pics of the assembly, for those curious:

... and this is the finished map:

The Presidential Palace is a focal point in the game:

A View of downtown from the 1st Brigade's barracks:

The river was only one complication in the build:

Now that it's done, I want to play ...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Mad Wargame Project

I'm building an arena for a chariot race game.

It will be 5 feet long when complete, and since I've got a bit of it done, I want to brag:

That shows the squares on the surface where the chariots will run. You're looking at two segments on opposite sides of the central spine.

Here are some of my concept drawings:

Well, I'm looking at another 80 man-hours or so to finish the surface. Might have it ready by summer if I'm dedicated ...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Boardgame Colosseum will be closed Saturday, March 20th.

Like all the clever gamers in Toronto, I'll be attending TABSCON XXII. Take a look here for details: TABS

I will resume regular hours on Sunday, March 21st.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Info Post

Curious about the Boardgame Colosseum?

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