Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Complete: 3D Mapboard for Junta

I'm feeling good about this one. From conception to completion took about two years, and that's not a bad pace considering my work habits with these hobby projects.

Read up about Junta here: BGG page.

I made up the cutout buildings using Visio, printed in colour on card stock, cut, folded, pasted and then assembled on to the map. I'm not sure I can count the man-hours, but it didn't hurt too much when I saw the project coming together.

Here are a couple pics of the assembly, for those curious:

... and this is the finished map:

The Presidential Palace is a focal point in the game:

A View of downtown from the 1st Brigade's barracks:

The river was only one complication in the build:

Now that it's done, I want to play ...

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  1. Excellent idea, that's great! I don't remember a river, though...