Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming soon ....


Boardgame Library

I had a request for a list of games available in my library ...

Here they are sorted by type. The maximum number of players is shown, and the publisher.

Euro/Resource Games:

Settlers of Catan (4) Mayfair
Endeavor (5) Zman
World Without End (4) Mayfair
Pillars of the Earth (6) Mayfair
(with expansion)
Agricola (5) Zman
El Grande (5) Rio Grande
Neuland (4) Zman
Louis XIV (4) Rio Grande
Hansa (4) Uberplay
Masters of Venice (5) R&R Games
Atlantis (4) Mayfair
Carolus Magnus (4) Rio Grande
Rheinlander (5) Face2Face
San Marco (4) Ravensburger
Phoenicia (5) JKLM
Samurai (4) Rio Grande
Ostia (5) Mayfair

Political Games:

Junta (7) West End
Princes of the Renaissance (6) Warfrog
Perikles (5) Fantasy Flight
The Prince (5) Phalanx
Il Principe (5) Zman
Down With the King (6) Avalon Hill
Republic of Rome (6+) Avalon Hill
Tribune (5) Fantasy Flight

Political/Conflict Games

Sword of Rome (5) GMT
Pax Romana (4) GMT
Successors (4) GMT
Kingmaker (7+) Avalon Hill
James Clavell's Shogun (5) FASA
Epic of the Peloponnesian War (4) COA
A Game of Thrones (6) Fantasy Flight
(with Clash of Kings expansion)
Samurai Swords (5) Milton Bradley
Comuni (5) Tenki
Soldier King (4) GDW
Kings Progress (5) JKLM
Daimyo (4) Tenki
Emperor of China (5) Dynamic
Belter (5) GDW
Wizards Quest (5) Avalon Hill
Elric (4) Avalon Hill
Senji (6) Asmodee
Shogun (5) Queen
Joan of Arc (6) Tilsit

Monster Slugathon Games

Titan (6) Valley Games

Odds and Ends Games

King Me! (6) Mayfair
Oshi (2) Wizkids
Guillotine (?) ?
Citadels (?) ?
Condottiere (?) ?
Euphrates & Tigris (?) ?
Hera & Zeus (2) ?
Caesar & Cleopatra (2) ?
Hellas (?) ?
Long Live the King (?) ?
Inka (?) ?
Giza (?) ?

Classic Wargames

Alexander (2) GMT
NATO the Next War (2) Victory
Starship Troopers (2) Avalon Hill
Terrible Swift Sword (2) SPI
War Galley (2) GMT
Blitzkrieg (2) Avalon Hill
Napoleon's Triumph (2) Simmons
Shooting Stars (two teams) Yaquinto
Wooden Ships and Iron Men (two teams) Avalon Hill
Flight Leader (two teams) Avalon Hill

Wargames suitable for Double-Blind play

Panzerblitz (2) Avalon Hill
NATO Division Commander (2) SPI
Firefight (2) SPI
Cityfight (2) SPI
Sniper (2) SPI
Patrol (2) SPI
Air & Armor (2) West End
Valkenburg Castle (2) Task Force

Experimental Games

Rollerball - see link
Double-blind Wargames - to get the most out of head-to-head wargames, a double-blind arrangement supported by a referee is the best way to go. Ask me if you're interested.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boardgame Colosseum

I'm getting everything together for my new gaming space.

I'm grateful to Paul McIntyre for a good deal on the floor space.

Here are some pics of the setup:

We'll be in the large, well-lit warehouse area in the back of Paul's gymnasium.

If you haven't heard of Crossfit Colosseum yet, check out his web page here:

I have 12 six-foot tables, and seating for more than 48 fanatical gamers.

Address is 222 Islington Ave., Unit 4 on the ground floor. There's free parking.

Opening day is Saturday, February 13th. I'll have the space open from noon to 10pm Saturdays, and noon to 8pm Sundays. Admission charge is $7 or $5 per day respectively.

Admission includes access to the space, and use of my extensive game library, ranging from classic Avalon Hill wargames to modern Euro-style games. Borrow my games, or bring your own.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another mad wargame project

Ancient ships. Detailed models. Mad wargame.

I conceived of building and playing out an ancient naval wargame at 1:72 scale.

The models were expensive, the work is extensive and I'm going to go blind painting over 400 tiny miniatures ... but I can't wait to get this game set playable.

I'm using the Zvezda 1:72 scale ancient ships, Roman Trireme, Greek Triera and Carthagenian Warship models. The figures are a wide range from Zvezda, Hat, Italeri and others.

Most of the ship models were provided by Hornet Hobbies in Toronto.

Check out the photos ...

Each of the ship models need about an hour's work to assemble the major components. This was my first one, with the hand-sew cloth sail as proof of concept.

The four varieties of Zvezda kits have mostly the same parts, although there is variety in the detail and finishing pieces.

I'm mixing up the different parts to make each ship (as far as possible) a unique combination.

I used a light coat of white spray paint for a surface primer. Trying different paints for the primary coat in wood colour, I found I like this one.

There isn't much in the literature about the painting of these ancient ships, so I'm going to put my own artistic ability to work. Most of them should get a colourful trim and metallic bronze touches on the details.

Here's the fleet coming along on parade ... only 15 kits built out of 40 planned so far.

Future plans will have these decks crammed full of 1:72-scale toy soldiers ... all I have to do is simplify my rules so a game will take less than three days to play ...

.. and several years to finish building the models.