Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boardgame Colosseum

I'm getting everything together for my new gaming space.

I'm grateful to Paul McIntyre for a good deal on the floor space.

Here are some pics of the setup:

We'll be in the large, well-lit warehouse area in the back of Paul's gymnasium.

If you haven't heard of Crossfit Colosseum yet, check out his web page here:

I have 12 six-foot tables, and seating for more than 48 fanatical gamers.

Address is 222 Islington Ave., Unit 4 on the ground floor. There's free parking.

Opening day is Saturday, February 13th. I'll have the space open from noon to 10pm Saturdays, and noon to 8pm Sundays. Admission charge is $7 or $5 per day respectively.

Admission includes access to the space, and use of my extensive game library, ranging from classic Avalon Hill wargames to modern Euro-style games. Borrow my games, or bring your own.

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