Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another mad wargame project

Ancient ships. Detailed models. Mad wargame.

I conceived of building and playing out an ancient naval wargame at 1:72 scale.

The models were expensive, the work is extensive and I'm going to go blind painting over 400 tiny miniatures ... but I can't wait to get this game set playable.

I'm using the Zvezda 1:72 scale ancient ships, Roman Trireme, Greek Triera and Carthagenian Warship models. The figures are a wide range from Zvezda, Hat, Italeri and others.

Most of the ship models were provided by Hornet Hobbies in Toronto.

Check out the photos ...

Each of the ship models need about an hour's work to assemble the major components. This was my first one, with the hand-sew cloth sail as proof of concept.

The four varieties of Zvezda kits have mostly the same parts, although there is variety in the detail and finishing pieces.

I'm mixing up the different parts to make each ship (as far as possible) a unique combination.

I used a light coat of white spray paint for a surface primer. Trying different paints for the primary coat in wood colour, I found I like this one.

There isn't much in the literature about the painting of these ancient ships, so I'm going to put my own artistic ability to work. Most of them should get a colourful trim and metallic bronze touches on the details.

Here's the fleet coming along on parade ... only 15 kits built out of 40 planned so far.

Future plans will have these decks crammed full of 1:72-scale toy soldiers ... all I have to do is simplify my rules so a game will take less than three days to play ...

.. and several years to finish building the models.


  1. Fascinating! I must see how your game plays out. The amount of time you've invested and have yet to invest is mind boggling.

  2. I was searching for cheap small scale ships to play Roman Seas and found your blog. Incredible! Did you ever finish your project? Couldn't find the game on your blog. Incredible work up to this point, in any case. Regards, Dean

  3. I haven't done much with this for ages ... the models are lurking in the back room in mailing tubes waiting for more attention.