Sunday, March 18, 2012

Touring the Circus Maximus

Welcome to a tour of the Circus Maximus, my model gamework.

We're going to look outside and inside, and see everything we can see.
Don't forget to pay your fee and the gate.

I asked, but the guards won't let us into the Senator's box.

People are arriving from all over. The race will be starting in a few minutes.

All kinds of preparations are underway.

We can catch a glimpse of the track through this archway.

The statue of the Emperor looms over the walls.

The famous artist, Abaroth, from the far-off kingdom of the Picts, has sent us this marbley statue.

The model ship on the ceremonial arch celebrates our recent victories over the Carthaginians.

Let's go in this way and take the stairs to the top.

Along the way, we can see the merchants at work, fleecing the tourists. Would you like to buy a carpet?

Feed for the horses.

Wine. Lots of wine.

It's hard work preparing snacks for the guests.

Keep an eye on your kids.

More wine. Never enough wine.

This looks like a private conversation. Let's move on.

Up on the wall we can still get a seat.

The lion tamers from the gladiator school are putting on a pre-game show.

Find a seat, somewhere, anywhere.

It's a lot more crowded down near the track.

Many of our friends can be found among the throng.

The senators are ready, and probably drunk, too.

It's more exciting when you have a bet down on a team.

Ready for the race.

Ready for the race ...

... and here they come! The purple chariot in the lead!

My favourite is the green chariot.

The yellow chariot is keeping up.

A long shot of the track.

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Wizard Arena

Here are some pics of the progress I had recently with the Wizard Arena.

The circle cut areas are intended for insert pieces; some of those are pictured below (as yet unpainted).

The hexagulon tiles are from Aba and Keebs at

The arch pieces are from the A&K "Moria" mold, one of my favourites.
Check out A&K molds at (link over there <--).