Sunday, August 22, 2010

Decorative arch for the Circus

Here are a few pics for the arch that will stand at the front end of the Circus model:

To either side of the arch, these statue lions will be standing guard. I've painted them in a sort of bronze colour.

The pedestals have magnets hidden in the plaster so I will be able to switch out the art in the future without too much trouble.

Troops for Successors

I've gone and finished some troop figures for use with Successors. This is one of my favourite games, pitting the players against each other as the major figures in the war for succession following the death of Alexander the Great. Check out the game description at Boardgame Geek:

The Royal Macedonian troops follow the general with the greatest ranking of legitimacy in the eyes of the army:

Loyal Macedonian troops are the best part the generals' might.

Mercenary troops are easily gathered and easily lost.

The Silver Shields were the best forces in Alexander's army, and one lucky player might be able to bring them on to his side:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proud ships ... and toy soldiers

While I've been putting most of my efforts into the Circus, I'm still working a bit on the toy soldiers for my ships project. Here are some pics of the Greek soldiers. The shields are decorated with transfer images from "Little Big Men" in England. I like how the art on the shields looks ... now I need to finish painting them. Might keep me busy for a long time, since I have several hundred of these.

Curve Section

I've completed the curve section for one end of the Circus. Several people have expressed an interest, so here it is ...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Building, casting, building ...

Overview showing recent work:

Supports inside the Spina to hold the surface platform:

Platform in place, some ideas for decorations:

Building the curve:

Statue lions on pedestal:

A bit of detail: