Sunday, February 21, 2010

Double-blind Wargames

Wargames fans who want to get a more challenging game experience should try double-blind wargame setups.

The two players (or teams) are separated by a screen, with identical map-boards or terrain set up on either side.

The game referee sits to view playing pieces on both sides of the screen. Players must maneuver to gain information about the opponent through scouting and reconnaissance. This introduces a more powerful simulation experience for tactical wargames, and also adds suspense to strategic games.

These views depict the series of terrain tiles I've made for use with SPI "Patrol" or Avalon Hill "Squad Leader". On the far side of the screen is an identical map, with matching trees and buildings.

The micro-armour tanks and vehicles fit to the scale of the buildings at 1:300. This is true scale for the terrain model, which makes finding line of sight and understanding relative positions straightforward.

In this scenario, tank destroyers have spotted a column of enemy vehicles:

The terrain tile system produces elevations by stacking the tiles. Each elevation created this way represents a 3m contour, significant in tactical battle scenarios. The lower angle views show how a player can use this feature to understand the shape of the ground.

Ask if you're curious about this style of game.

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