Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Build Tavern

Another work in progress.

I remember this old boardgame, Swashbuckler, which is about swordfight duels in the spirit of Erol Flynn or Three Musketeers.


My original plan for this one was at 1:72 scale, but I couldn't get really good miniatures for it at that scale. So I'm looking at 25mm or 28mm instead.

The board is a medieval tavern, and will get decorated with tables, chairs, chandeliers and other furnishings. I'll make those out of wood bits.

The basic shape is simple, and I had a great pile of leftover bricks from that other project, so I laid out the parts like this:

I was fairly happy with that, so I glued it together in stages over a couple hours:

And here it is ready for painting:

Only problem with that is the weather -- it might be March before I can get outside with a spray-paint can.

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